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News, Comments or Both

Legal Storytelling


Fairness is a complicated picture to paint. If you put a group of people in a room, they could probably agree upon a definition of fairness.  However, it is unlikely they will all agree what fairness should look like in any given situation. Thus, when a person says they can be “fair” that doesn’t reveal much.  Other than they believe keep reading »

The Fourth Amendment…In the beginning

To understand the Fourth Amendment you need to understand “why” it was created by the Founding Fathers. Before the American Revolution, England’s debt swelled from fighting the French and Indian War. To solve the problem, England decided to tax the American Colonies. While the Colonists were unhappy about the taxes, it was “how” the King enforced them that truly sparked keep reading »


  A worldview is a preexisting condition. Unfortunately, we don’t always cover them. We have an immutable base command written into our humanity. It’s compels us to continuously ask the question – what’s this? Regardless of the subject matter, we are always trying to answer that question; and the inevitable follow-up questions that arise from our answer. This process is keep reading »