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News, Comments or Both

Unwritten Rules

Black and white cowboy hats

In westerns you can tell the difference between the hero and villain in a nanosecond.   The hero is wearing the white hat.  The villain is wearing the black hat.  A glimpse at the screen and this symbolism immediately identifies and contrasts the “righteous” and “wicked.” Your Need To Fill In The Blanks Your mind is… keep reading »

The difference between standing and sitting

The dictionary defines “Grit” as “courage and resolve; strength of character”. However, these words are inadequate. Grit is the difference between standing up after being knocked down or staying put. It is something inside you that says “yes” when the person you’re standing nose-to-nose with unfairly says “no”. Grit drives you towards what you believe at your core Grit… keep reading »

Democracy requires…

…challenging things you do not want to believe are true. We want to believe that our government will do the right thing all the time. History shows however, even our great Republic, this not the case. Such desires make us feel secure. These desires color our unconscious thinking. They position our viewpoints. It is just easier to live in a… keep reading »

What’s your angle?

Parallax is an illusion that occurs when viewing an object from a certain position. As your angle changes, so does your perception. Viewing something from an angle which limits your view is deceiving. In chemistry, parallax is a type of systematic error (an error that shifts results from their true value). Cognitive bias is a psychological expression of parallax. Everyone’s… keep reading »

You abhor a vacuum

Aristotle told us “nature abhors a vacuum.” The basic hypothesis goes – nature will fill an empty space; and unfilled spaces are unnatural. It’s validly rests upon the premise that there is no such thing in nature as a “void.” However, over time science has concluded there is more truth to this in psychology than in physics. There are voids.… keep reading »

Performance v. Fairness

keep reading »

NYTimes: Status and Stress

Stressed out lately? Here is some information you find useful from the New York Times. THE GREAT DIVIDE: Status and Stress – the poor and powerless are at greater risk of early death.

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You live in crisis. You work in crisis. You specialize in crisis. You are an Attorney, managing crisis is the job description. However, as connected as you are to crisis, have you ever really contemplated the meaning of the word? What is a crisis? A crisis has two parts: The first part is an emotionally significant moment in your life… keep reading »

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is the minimum speed that a body must reach in order to escape from the gravitational field of the earth so that it continues to move away from it. If an object fails to reach that velocity, then it will be stuck in orbit. Eventually that object falls back to where it came from, and you crash. Every… keep reading »