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News, Comments or Both

Stuff You Should Know

The Know-Believe Gap

I am going to tell you something you don’t believe.  I didn’t believe it.  But sadly, I came to learn it’s true. And it’s terrible. It’s destructive.  Terribly destructive…to our democracy.   The kicker, we didn’t even know we believed it. Who does our Constitution protect against?  Before you answer that, let me share my observation.  People, lots of people, keep reading »

Black and white cowboy hats

In westerns, you can tell the difference between the hero and villain in a second.   The hero is wearing the white hat.  The villain is wearing the black hat.  This symbolism immediately identifies and contrasts the “righteous” and “wicked.” Our mind is wired to automatically give meaning to whatever is before your eyes.  You see two keep reading »

Fairness…Part 2

    You know what the word fairness means. So do the people sitting to your right, and so do the people to your left. The problem is, you don’t know what each other means when the word is spoken. You may assume that everyone has a common understanding when they say a process was “fair”. However, in truth, each keep reading »

Innocent or Not Innocent

Under the rule of law, you start presumed innocent.  This is true in every criminal case.  If the prosecution does not prove their allegations, beyond a reasonable doubt, then the law requires a verdict of not guilty.  When this occurs, the status quo remains in place – innocence. Does this mean that “not guilty” and “innocent” are the same thing?  keep reading »

Seeing the world remarkably

Every now and then you see someone who creates something which changes you.  Their novel way of expressing an idea – alters a previous and maybe even a precious perception. When this happens, we might think “Wow, she sees things differently.”  When you really think about, we all think about things differently.  We all bring the sum total of our keep reading »

Beware of False Scales

It’s an old warning, but it still holds true – beware of false scales. Throughout history the admonition against using a numerical value to mislead others has taken many forms: Proverbs 11:1 tells us “[t]he Lord detests the use of dishonest scales, but he delights in accurate weights”; Leviticus 19:35 cautions “‘[d]o not use dishonest standards when measuring length, weight… keep reading »

The difference between standing and sitting

The dictionary defines “Grit” as “courage and resolve; strength of character”. However, these words are inadequate. Grit is the difference between standing up after being knocked down or staying put. It is something inside you that says “yes” when the person you’re standing nose-to-nose with unfairly says “no”. Grit drives you towards what you believe at your core Grit… keep reading »

Default is a choice

Justice is a system.  It is a constellation of related principles and structures forming a complex network.  It is supposed to result in a product which furthers our ideals.  The courtroom is the factory floor of the system. It is an amazing place.  Every morning you can experience the best of us…and the worst. Like any other system that deals… keep reading »

Democracy requires…

…challenging things you do not want to believe are true. We want to believe that our government will do the right thing all the time. History shows however, even our great Republic, this not the case. Such desires make us feel secure. These desires color our unconscious thinking. They position our viewpoints. It is just easier to live in a… keep reading »

You abhor a vacuum

Aristotle told us “nature abhors a vacuum.” The basic hypothesis goes – nature will fill an empty space; and unfilled spaces are unnatural. It’s validly rests upon the premise that there is no such thing in nature as a “void.” However, over time science has concluded there is more truth to this in psychology than in physics. There are voids.… keep reading »