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Forensic fraud

Rick Potion #9, Rick and Morty
  If it was just a lack of knowledge, then our task would be so much easier. If it was merely a failure to live up to a standard of care, then the fix would be straightforward. However, it’s so much worse than that. What we actually have is wide-scale fraud. A deception which keep reading »

The case for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Rebirth, #1 DC Comics

                Who is the world’s greatest superhero? Batman is a great detective. The Flash is really fast. Superman can basically do anything (as long as he is not near a green rock). However, I have come to believe none of them is the greatest superhero. As a keep reading »


  I believe…we want to believe…that our justice system protects our rights. As a matter of fact, there are times I have to believe it. We have to believe it. Of course, many times it does. That’s what makes America exceptional. Then there are the other times. Too often the justice system appears to work against its own supposed keep reading »



Vincent Van Gogh’s Red Vineyard at Arles
A terribly effective method of avoiding success is to grade it based on a fantasy. It’s a fantasy to think the best team always wins. It’s a fantasy to think everything, or even most things, in life are fair. It’s a fantasy to think the best performance always wins or even gets keep reading »

The lines on the page

A good lawyer spends their time mastering the lines on the page. But the lawyer I want to hire, is the one that spends their career obsessing on what’s between them. keep reading »


Fairness is a complicated picture to paint. If you put a group of people in a room, they could probably agree upon a definition of fairness.  However, it is unlikely they will all agree what fairness should look like in any given situation. Thus, when a person says they can be “fair” that doesn’t reveal much.  Other than they believe keep reading »

Seeing the world remarkably

  Every now and then you see someone who creates something which changes you.  Their novel way of expressing an idea – alters a previous and maybe even a precious perception. When this happens, we might think “Wow, she sees things differently.”  When you really think about, we all think about things differently.  We all bring the sum total of keep reading »