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“Davids” understand pain

The path to doing something great runs through the state of pain. There are no detours. No fast passes. Every road to a worthwhile destination requires this journey – it requires pain.

Whenever a “David” knocks down a “Goliath” there is pain. However, it is not just the pain of the battle, the game or the trial. Pain has a keep reading »

The difference between standing and sitting

The dictionary defines “Grit” as “courage and resolve; strength of character”. However, these words are inadequate. Grit is the difference between standing up after being knocked down or staying put. It is something inside you that says “yes” when the person you’re standing nose-to-nose with unfairly says “no”. Grit drives you towards what you believe at your core Grit… keep reading »

Default is a choice

Justice is a system.  It is a constellation of related principles and structures forming a complex network.  It is supposed to result in a product which furthers our ideals.  The courtroom is the factory floor of the system. It is an amazing place.  Every morning you can experience the best of us…and the worst. Like any other system that deals… keep reading »

Voting in the dark

Transparency enables us to know what we are voting for.  However: 
“One person one vote” — not true…if you don’t know what your voting for; “You vote your conscience” — not true…if you don’t know what your voting for; “You verdict is justice” — not true…if you don’t know what your voting for.
We have important decisions to make.  All
keep reading »

Overcriminalization in print

The word “overcriminalization” just appeared in a U.S. Supreme Court opinion for the first time. Overcriminalization is the treatment ordinary behaviors that commonly would never have been considered criminal, as crimes. What Happened In Yates v. United States? Yates is a Florida fisherman. He was alleged to have: Illegally caught and kept some undersized grouper (72 of the 3000… keep reading »

What a test tells you

Any test is about more than subject matter.  It is also about the people that created the test. The LSAT is about more than logic games. It is about the people who came up with the test. The test lets you know that “if you want to join the club, you will have to get past us.” It tells us… keep reading »

Performance v. Fairness

keep reading »

Shakespeare, A God Complex and Zero Error Rates

The basic plot of Hamlet is: Hamlet’s uncle Claudius kills his dad (who is king). Uncle Claudius, then marries Hamlet’s mom Gertrude, and becomes the new king. Hamlet sees his dad’s ghost, who tells Hamlet, Claudius killed him. Hamlet seeks revenge on Claudius. In the end – everyone dies.

Hamlet’s God Complex

Hamlet sees the world through a fog of… keep reading »

Guaranteed failure

The best method of avoiding success is to grade it based on a fantasy. It is a fantasy to to think the best team always wins. It is a fantasy to think life is fair. It is fantasy to think the best performance gets immediate gratification. On the other hand, reality is usually not Vincent Van Gogh either. As most… keep reading »

NYTimes: Status and Stress

Stressed out lately? Here is some information you find useful from the New York Times. THE GREAT DIVIDE: Status and Stress – the poor and powerless are at greater risk of early death.

keep reading »