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The Sixth Amendment’s Confrontation Clause

In our second video, we square off with the Sixth Amendment’s Confrontation Clause. It’s one of our most important, but misunderstood constitutional rights. When someone accuses you of wrongdoing, your right to confront them may be the only way to clear your name.

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Legal Coffee on YouTube

Legal Coffee has a new YouTube channel! In our first video, we tackle the Fourth Amendment. To understand the Fourth Amendment you need to understand “why” it was created by the Founding Fathers. Before the American Revolution, England’s debt swelled from fighting the French and Indian War. To solve the problem, England decided to tax the American Colonies. While… keep reading »

Credibility On Demand

You don’t hear the term shill much anymore. It’s one of those words you only expect to hear from your grandparents. It refers to a person who publicly gives credibility to a person or organization, while not disclosing the true nature of their relationship with the person or organization for which they are shilling. While the term shill seems out… keep reading »

Fairness is a one way street

You know what the word fairness means. So do the people sitting to your right; and so do the people to your left. The problem is, you don’t know what each other means when the word is spoken.   You may assume that everyone in a group has a common understanding when they say a process was “fair”. However, in… keep reading »

Innocent or Not Innocent

You start presumed innocent.  This is true in every criminal case.  If the prosecution does not prove their allegations, beyond reasonable doubt, then the law requires a verdict of not guilty.  When this occurs, the status quo remains in place – innocence. Does this mean that “not guilty” and “innocent” are the same thing?  While difficult comprehend, the answer to… keep reading »

The myth of milk

We have an unhealthy relationship with milk – both biologically and metaphorically. While the biological debate is well documented, its metaphorical issues deserve more consideration. If left to nature the fat in milk will separate. The less dense portions of the fat rise to the top. This is what we call cream. People often consider this the “best” part… keep reading »

Black and white cowboy hats

In westerns you can tell the difference between the hero and villain in a nanosecond.   The hero is wearing the white hat.  The villain is wearing the black hat.  A glimpse at the screen and this symbolism immediately identifies and contrasts the “righteous” and “wicked.” Your Need To Fill In The Blanks Your mind is… keep reading »

“You’re” Marketing

You provide a product – you. If marketing is telling the story of your product to show its value, then your marketing is your story.   The most persuasive stories are free from deception. Great stories are allergic to half-truths. On the contrary, a story arising from a genuine belief is what creates connection. Connection creates belief. A belief… keep reading »

Making things pretty

You make things the way you want them to be.  I mean…you try to. Hemingway ends one of his most famous novels with the line: “isn’t it pretty to think so.”  His story shows us how we all color our what ifs with our wants, needs and fears. Hemingway’s art metaphorically reflects our need to believe our world views – regardless keep reading »

“Davids” understand pain

The path to doing something great runs through the state of pain. There are no detours. No fast passes. Every road to a worthwhile destination requires this journey – it requires pain.

Whenever a “David” knocks down a “Goliath” there is pain. However, it is not just the pain of the battle, the game or the trial. Pain has a keep reading »