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Lawyers and Money

Here is a myth: you’re good with money because you are a lawyer. Here is a reality: you’re probably not good with money because you are a lawyer. Before you say it, let me make the obvious disclaimers. First, I am not referring to all lawyers. I am merely talking about 99% of you. Second, I am not talking about trust account management (a completely different riddle). The majority of lawyers I encounter are severely lacking sufficient money management skills in both their business and personal lives. Looking back, I unnecessarily let myself wonder into the “you suck” at money management category for several years. However, I decided to reinvent my money skills. Here is the most important thing I learned: You can do better, a lot better.

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“You’re” Marketing

You provide a product – you. If marketing is telling the story of your product to show its value, then your marketing is your story.   The most persuasive stories are free from deception. Great stories are allergic to half-truths. On the contrary, a story arising from a genuine belief is what creates connection. Connection creates belief. A belief… keep reading »

The Price Of An Exit

  How much will it cost you to retire? If the first number that popped into your head was a million, then consider this: Click Here

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Oxygen and Cash

Two simple realities: For you body – No oxygen, No life. For your firm. No cash, No life. The most overlooked, but most important metric for your firm is: “Net Cash Flow.” In order to understand “Net Cash Flow,” you need to understand the concept of “Cash Flow.”  “Cash Flow” is the movement of cash into or out… keep reading »

We Would Have Won…If We Had 5 More Minutes

Everyone who have ever seen their team lose a close game has heard it.  As you get up from your seat and start walking down those narrow stairs you can hear the other fans say it.  A man yells, “can you believe that comeback?” “We had them…if we only had another five minutes on the o’clock.”  “Time just ran out.”… keep reading »