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Happy Lawyers

Do you know any happy lawyers? Your answer probably depends on how you define a happy lawyer. Here are a few thoughts on the subject. Let’s start by working the puzzle backwards. When you are feelings anxiety, depression, or dread you are not experiencing happiness. Thus, it stands to reason part of being happy is the absence of these emotions. However, that is merely part of the equation. Simply not having a horrible disease does not make you healthy.

Happiness is subjective. It is to be defined by each of us and, redefined by each of us. What makes you happy when you’re twenty does not always make you happy when you’re 40. However, if you dig down to its essence happiness is the presence of something that feels positive, enjoyable, gratifying, satisfying, pleasant, etc etc. You know what happiness is for you, you know what it feels like.

You …

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Who first, what second

Maybe you just finished a right of passage. Maybe you have been doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason. It makes no difference. Both situations presents the same challenge. You must decide: what do I want to be? Law can take you anywhere, the courtroom, the boardroom or even the Lincoln Bedroom.   With this decision before you, I… keep reading »

Default is a choice

Justice is a system.  It is a constellation of related principles and structures forming a complex network.  It is supposed to result in a product which furthers our ideals.  The courtroom is the factory floor of the system. It is an amazing place.  Every morning you can experience the best of us…and the worst. Like any other system that deals… keep reading »

Democracy requires…

…challenging things you do not want to believe are true. We want to believe that our government will do the right thing all the time. History shows however, even our great Republic, this not the case. Such desires make us feel secure. These desires color our unconscious thinking. They position our viewpoints. It is just easier to live in a… keep reading »

Thesis statement

Why did you become a lawyer? Because, unlike pre-med, there were no prerequisite classes? Because it seemed like something to do after college when you could not think of anything better? Or, Because you came out of the woom with neuropathways built to fight injustice? I don’t think it really matters. Chances are the story you made up in your… keep reading »

Guaranteed failure

The best method of avoiding success is to grade it based on a fantasy. It is a fantasy to to think the best team always wins. It is a fantasy to think life is fair. It is fantasy to think the best performance gets immediate gratification. On the other hand, reality is usually not Vincent Van Gogh either. As most… keep reading »

NYTimes: Status and Stress

Stressed out lately? Here is some information you find useful from the New York Times. THE GREAT DIVIDE: Status and Stress – the poor and powerless are at greater risk of early death.

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Whose Job is It?

Who’s Job is it to make yourself happy? Here are few hints. It’s not your significant others. It is not your children. It’s not your boss. It’s not your clients. Its not your friends. Who is left? It’s your job, to make yourself happy.

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What’s Next?

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Where do you go after law school? Students in the top 10% of their class probably went to work in a mega-firm. What about everyone else? Did you choose your place in the legal world, or did you take the job that was in front of you? Reality answers this question for most people – you took… keep reading »

Measure That Which Has No Weight

All good fairy tales have a king. This tale is no different. However, what I am about to tell you is not a children’s story, not a fable. It’s real life. The tale of a real king. The history of a boy who was given a crown by his country. In return, the King gave the world a new way… keep reading »

Grey is the Official Color of Lawyers

So Mr. Picasso how do I paint a masterpiece? Do you think Picasso could really give you an answer that would explain how you could come up with an original painting that would end up in the Louvre? Of course not. There is no map for art. That is what gives art its inherent value. If everyone could do… keep reading »