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About Legal Coffee


Lawrence Koplow is a former prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorneys Office, and noted trial lawyer for nearly 15 years with over 150 jury trials.

Lawrence’s practice involves litigating issues concerning the use of forensic toxicology, metrology, laboratory quality assurance and quality control.  His work has helped shape Arizona case law and effectuated changes in the way Arizona crime laboratories now conduct their work.

His trials, appellate work, and presentations to the legal community, have expanded the boundaries of what Arizona courts allow as legal defenses for cases involving allegations based upon scientific evidence.

While in private practice, Lawrence still performs a significant amount of pro bono work. His career continues to focus on raising public awareness and helping citizens facing allegations founded on unsound science in both criminal and civil cases.


As a young law student I wanted to be an …

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Choosing Sides

There are times in life when you have to choose. The issue is not of ideology or philosophy. It’s just between right and wrong. Pro-Nazi or Anti-Nazi seems like a pretty easy choice…at least for me.

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If God…

   If “God made man because He loves stories,” then you better learn how to perform. 

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Black and white cowboy hats

In westerns you can tell the difference between the hero and villain in a nanosecond.   The hero is wearing the white hat.  The villain is wearing the black hat.  A glimpse at the screen and this symbolism immediately identifies and contrasts the “righteous” and “wicked.” Your Need To Fill In The Blanks Your mind is… keep reading »


Don’t read another case; Don’t write another sentence; Don’t see anymore clients …until you answer one question. Why are you here?
Take your answer and compare it what you are doing. Do the two fit? If the answer is no, then quit as fast as you can

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Default is a choice

Justice is a system.  It is a constellation of related principles and structures forming a complex network.  It is supposed to result in a product which furthers our ideals.  The courtroom is the factory floor of the system. It is an amazing place.  Every morning you can experience the best of us…and the worst. Like any other system that deals… keep reading »

Misunderstanding Fairness

Fairness means something different to everyone. If you put a group of people in a room they could probably come up with a definition of “fairness” that they all agree upon. However, it is unlikely they will all agree what “fairness” means in any given situation. Thus, when a juror says they can be “fair and impartial” that does not… keep reading »

Thesis statement

Why did you become a lawyer? Because, unlike pre-med, there were no prerequisite classes? Because it seemed like something to do after college when you could not think of anything better? Or, Because you came out of the woom with neuropathways built to fight injustice? I don’t think it really matters. Chances are the story you made up in your… keep reading »

What Are SideNotes?

There is an art to succinctly and persuasively communication an idea. At this time, I have not yet mastered that art. To address this shortcoming, I will attempt to keep post sizes down to a readable size by placing ancillary details in SideNotes. By clicking on the blue SideNotes links you will find a page containing the exposition to a… keep reading »