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About Legal Coffee

What do you give a shit about?

You probably haven’t really considered the question.  Finding the answer is not as easy as it may seem.  Resistance is inevitable.  Looking inward is uncomfortable.  Self-examination requires courage.  It may also demand change.

Once you see what you really give a shit about – you can’t unsee it.  Once you define your values it hurts not to embrace them.  If justice is a core value, then it’s harder to stay silent when faced with injustice. Otherwise, it is not really a value.

Honest introspection may require a painful admission.   That you’ve been ignoring the things you really give a shit about.  However, isn’t it worth doing?

Ya…You Have To

Of course it is.  As a matter of fact, it’s mandatory.  To live disconnected from what you hold sacred is a disease with only one treatment.  For that matter, to live in opposite of

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Black and white cowboy hats

In westerns, you can tell the difference between the hero and villain in a second.   The hero is wearing the white hat.  The villain is wearing the black hat.  This symbolism immediately identifies and contrasts the “righteous” and “wicked.” Our mind is wired to automatically give meaning to whatever is before your eyes.  You see two keep reading »


Don’t read another case; Don’t write another sentence; Don’t see anymore clients …until you answer one question. Why are you here?
Take your answer and compare it what you are doing. Do the two fit? If the answer is no, then quit as fast as you can… keep reading »

Default is a choice

Justice is a system.  It is a constellation of related principles and structures forming a complex network.  It is supposed to result in a product which furthers our ideals.  The courtroom is the factory floor of the system. It is an amazing place.  Every morning you can experience the best of us…and the worst. Like any other system that deals… keep reading »

Thesis statement

Why did you become a lawyer? Because, unlike pre-med, there were no prerequisite classes? Because it seemed like something to do after college when you could not think of anything better? Or, Because you came out of the woom with neuropathways built to fight injustice? I don’t think it really matters. Chances are the story you made up in your… keep reading »